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It seems we can search like this forever, wondering if we'll ever find our way out, yet we have a hope, a dream of something better, beyond, fantastic. We dream of it sometimes only when we dare to hope, to dream, we tell no one. Like a secret so fragile we're afraid to even whisper it.

We're filled with longing, the deepest kind, when will this dark night end. When will it be my time, I'm tired of the struggle, SURELY this is not all there is, SURELY there is more to this life than what I keep seeing... feeling...

I searched for so long and was promised healing and yet those who promised didn't believe in their methods fully either and I felt it. From seminar to therapist, psychiatrist, religion, philosophy to self- help books, CD's and DVD's, I did them all.

Gathering gems along the way and with great teachers who've walked on this planet, it sprang forth out of the depth of my spirit, an awareness beyond identity, description and definition, just a pure presence... the now... this ever existent moment without boundaries. Using what I've learnt and what I've discovered on my own, I developed an even more dynamic, integral, holistic and quantum way to Self-Mastery, Empowerment and Cosmic Consciousness.
Awareness for our Modern Age

The Technology of Awareness
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