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Thank you for your interest in Neuro Executive & Leadership Development services

We offer tailored solutions that improve executive and corporate performance as a result of our published findings.

Executive coaching has never been more in demand. We can help you greatly in transforming your company, to make it more productive, more profitable and actually, just the way you always wanted it. 

Whether you are looking for solving staff retention, interpersonal problems, management issues, wanting to create a more productive environment, to empower your staff, to train your sales people to become an unstoppable sales force, or if you are just striving for constant excellence and general improvement... or anything else that has to do with your business needs - Executive Coaching can really help you. 

True business leaders will agree that the learning never stops. The moment we think that we have it all, and that there is no space for improvement... we stop the learning and we prevent further growth. This is however a common and unfortunate mistake. The real advantage when working us is that we come for free, really. Comparing to where the company is right now and where it will be by the time we are done, the company will benefit so much more than what our fees are. We have published clinical and corporate study data that is tailored into simple solutions for you and your company that have shown to improve problem solving, working memory and overall cognitive function. Neuro Executive and Leadership Development Coaching is the only clinically published effective tool that enhances performance. These programmes employed by leading edge corporations Executive management and Leadership development strategies. 

Most executives do not cope with stress and its symptoms (insomnia, migraine anxiety, etc.) This results in the failure of business objectives, incapacity to generate and sustain high-performing teams and have an inability to adapt and adopt to transitional change. But most importantly these MD's don't meet their business targets!

Our approach is based in neuroscience that has clinically shown to improve brain and behavioural patterns. The results have shown improved cognitive performance and stress resilience.

The testimonials and corporate track record with stock brokers at Investec, the CEO of Vodacom and executives and professionals at BP, Discovery and ABSA (to name a few) confirm that we know how to help leaders achieve their next level of success.

Even though we have published clinical trials and executive studies (showing this approach will improve problem solving and working memory) this approach is not for every CEO or Exec: Please check some of the challenges we've helped leaders resolve and see if they are like yours:

  • Building a personal system that (based in neuroscience) that ensures social change.

  • Resolving old business demands, deadlines and conflicts

  • Creating new procedures for handling future conflicts
    Healing the "CEO Disease"

  • Controlling these 'KICK or be KICKED' symptoms of callousness, isolation and cautiousness.

Do you and your colleagues need to be:

  1. Focussed and calm in solving complex problems

  2. Facilitate change in your corp. & conquering fears

  3. Held accountable for commitments of others and self

  4. Controlling symptoms like insomnia, anxiety and palpitations, stomach knots, etc.

  5. Improved communication culture of gossip, dishonesty, ridicule, and distrust

  6. Delegating most of their work so that they can enjoy being full-time visionaries

  7. Developing a resonant leadership style

  8. Making changes for silent reflection and work-life balance if required

  9. Know how to find control of your brain

  10. Improved mental and cultural states in your corporation.

If so then our program we can help.

The program ensures you time to achieve significant behavioural goals.
This is achieved by focussing on:
(1) The neuroscience of understanding your work based behaviour
(2) Delivering solutions that improve performance
(3) The process is all about taking right action.
For these results we've developed an A.C.T.I.O.N. model which ensures this outcome.

Neuro Executive & Leadership Coaching Work:
The initial part is called Neuro Integral Breakthrough. An intensive 3 day process to reformat your neurology and perception so your mind in now in the right gear for the needs presented to be dealt with. The following process is about sustaining these benefits and your Neurological Resilience so that you can measurably observe the benefits in your life and work.

Here are some useful questions that will help fire up your neurology for your program:

  • What is the next level of success that you want to achieve?
  • How will you feel and act if you achieve this level of success?
  • What will your work and life be like if you don't accomplish this next step?
  • If I feel like I am about to burn out will this help?
  • If my emotional brain hijacks my thinking what do I need to do in real-time?
  • I just want to feel more in control. Will this help?
  • Many of mental habits aren't in my best interest. How can I change these?

Our UCT clinical trial shows we know how to get your brain to improve working memory and ensure more effective and problem solving.

To understand how we can even state such claims, please read the >> Personal Breakthrough section, which is the pre-requirement for all our coaching programs.

>> Contact us now to learn how the mind works and how you can live the life of your dreams. 
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