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Personal Development is a never ending journey that deals with the really deep core issues of your life and of who you think you are. This section is for people who are keen to transform their own lives and begin living a life with purpose, passion and power; a life that is congruent and authentic; an empowered life, one that inspires you and those around you. Every change that we make inside of us will ultimately influence the world around us.

The program that I offer is based fundamentally around personal development. The idea behind it is Self-Mastery, by which I mean understanding how the mind works and who we are at the most intimate levels. I'd imagine that a journey into yourself like this one is not for everyone; because I think your life would change rather dramatically. I'm not suggesting that this will probably be one of the most important skills you learn to become a co-creator of your life.

You will learn how to take on the responsibility of what thoughts you hold in your mind, both consciously and unconsciously. You will learn how to communicate directly with your unconscious mind and how to align your conscious and unconscious.

You might have seen the movie "The Secret" or read the book, or read the "Law of Attraction". You might be wondering that it can't be that simple. The truth is that although it is simple it is also deeply profound and although positive thinking is a part of the process, the "How To" of actually doing that requires some re-education of just How the Mind Works.

Together we will discover the Keys to Focus, Mastering your State-of-Being and Unlocking your Unlimited Potential. We will learn how you can have access to your Unlimited Resources anytime you like. You will gain the ability to have freedom as you have never known it before and Self-Mastery usually only achieved after decades of meditation.

Whether you are looking for a Personal Transformation, Self-Mastery or Personal Development, I will work with you to give you the tools and techniques to achieve it and equip you to further your development without needing anyone else to tell you who you are or what to do.

Self-discovery, Love and Learning are the Fundamentals to living a fulfilling life. Learning about the aspects of your mind and how it works will equip you for anything and allow you to tap into your Unlimited Potential. We will learn about the conscious and unconscious mind. Learning more about the conscious and unconscious mind is a very important component of my life coaching program as it allows you to learn how you can skillfully control and direct your mind, your focus and therefore your outcomes. The integration and rapport of your conscious and unconscious mind are key in the co-creation of your life.

Think about a few of the Wonders of You Mind.

  • Your mind knows no limits. It adopts the limits you accept consciously.
  • We are all doing the best we can with the resources we have.
  • Every cell in your body is bathed in neurons; each neuron is more complexly wired than all telephone networks on the planet.
  • We can make over 100 Billion possible neurological connections at a time.
  • 97% of all your perception and behavior is decided before you think about it consciously.


Manages and Runs your body
The unconscious mind has also been called the "body-mind" or the mind of the body, and in performing this function it provides the consciousness, and the direction for the functioning of the body. Think of all the things that your unconscious mind is doing for you every second of every day. Breathing, heart function, healing, digestion, etc... When you move a body part you do it unconsciously, you might be aware of the movement, but you certainly aren't consciously instructing every muscle to activate and deactivate to do the actual movement. Just remember how much the unconscious mind is doing for you already and how much you already actually trust your unconscious mind now.
In the same way your body reacts to the way you feel without you consciously realizing the change. It's your unconscious mind that automatically tells your body to reflect how you feel. To the trained eye your body is like an open book to your state of mind. A healthy body comes from having a healthy mind.

By adulthood the body consists of close to 10 trillion cells. They combine and work together forming our tissue, organs and internal systems. Luckily we don't really need to know any of this as our unconscious mind has been managing all these things since conception.

It stands to reason that what goes on in our minds affects our bodies and vice versa. When you feel good you are in a resourceful state and your thinking is different as to when you angry or sad. Learning how your body and mind work together you can increase your performance and better manage your resources.

Manages all of your memories
Your unconscious mind stores all your memories. Understanding the mechanics of how memories are stored is very helpful as it will allow you to choose how to deal with them. Before we look at how memories are stored it would be good to understand what memories are.

Information comes in through our 5 senses at about 400 Billion bits per second. Our unconscious mind filters that information down to 2000 bits per second. It does this by deleting, distorting and generalizing all incoming information using our neural filters. (Neural filters are various programs such as values, beliefs, language, meta-programs.) That means we're left with about a half a millionth of a percent of the original information (that's 0.000,0005 % that's really not very much.) Those 2000 bits of information is what is called your internal representation.

The memory that you store is your internal representation of an event. Simply stating that your memory is not necessarily a detailed snapshot of what really happened, rather it is just your processed version of what happened. This is why we can have different experiences and tell different stories about the same event. These internal representations are stored according to your Timeline as well as by emotions. Meaning that you will have a memory of what happened as well as an emotion that you have associated to that memory. All memories with unprocessed negative emotions will stay that way until you can resolve the negative emotion by taking from it what you need to have learnt. These negative emotions have a negative effect on your body right now, even though the events happened in the past. An unprocessed negative emotion is a key to unlocking and releasing trapped energy as well as an indicator that there is still something that we need to learn from that memory. How would you like to learn a skill to process all unresolved negative emotions so that they begin to enrich your life and transform your past into wisdom, freedom, love and joy.

Determines the results in your life
Your internal representation, in other your focus determines how you feel. How you feel determines how you behaviour which produces the results you get in your life. Basically your thoughts are truly the source of the results you get in life. To be clear what I'm saying is that if you change your thinking you will feel differently about things in your life which will enable you to respond differently giving you more desired results. This is not to make your experiences less or to think you can just think and your problems will disappear. What I'm saying is if your thinking allows for outside influences to affect your ability to get what you want out of life then you have given those outside things control over you and your results. I will teach you the self-mastery of how to train your mind to be in control. So that you are in control of how you feel as well your results in life.

Has a blueprint for perfect health
Your unconscious mind stores your current state of health and has a blueprint for perfect health. You have access to that blueprint. Studies show a clear connection between peoples mental state and beliefs and their physical well being.
As there are many legal and ethical issues around the diagnoses and treatment of diseases I need to make it very clear that I am not in any way whatsoever diagnosing or treating any disease or illness. I'm simply educating you on how your unconscious mind works, which just happens to control your body.

Recreates itself
All our cells have a certain life span before they are replaced with new ones. For each organ and part of the body the lifespan of the cells differ. Some are replaced in days and others, like your bones, take around 12 months to be replaced. Your unconscious mind is doing all of this all the time. So having a blueprint of perfect health and knowing your body is regenerating itself, which is all being managed by your unconscious mind that can be programmed or instructed, it should make sense that a healthy mind should result in a healthier body, right? 

This is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of learning about the unconscious mind. I trust that this will prompt you to learn more about yourself and ultimately empower yourself to have the life you want.


Having conscious and unconscious integration is paramount to success, harmony and balance. Having conflict between conscious and unconscious is a huge waste of energy and resources that could be put too much better use.

Your conscious mind is the director, the goal setter and even though your unconscious mind stores learning's, your conscious mind also learns. It accesses all learning's and determines when to apply them. It also learns what acceptable behaviour in society is and will regulate your behaviour as best it can regardless of what is going on inside you. Your conscious mind learns the difference between right and wrong and how to apply those learning's. A good example of inner conflict between your conscious and unconscious mind is if your conscious mind has learnt that it is good to make enough money to sustain the lifestyle you want and your unconscious mind does not believe that it is possible to make enough money to sustain the lifestyle you want. Seeing as though your unconscious mind produces 97% of your behaviour, it's unlikely that you will have success.

It is imperative that your conscious mind becomes aware of and is part of the process of any learning or information that passes through to the unconscious mind.

Are you ready to integrate your conscious and unconscious mind so that you can have the life you want?

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