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Personal Coaching

Phase 1 - >> Read the Pre-study Booklet - Mastering Self-Mastery

(Download my ebook by filling out the form on the right)
This booklet is a pre-requisite for starting coaching. It will detail the theory behind what we will do in the sessions. It's very important to read through the booklet at least once as we will only cover certain topics again in the program. This read will certainly make you motivated and excited about your Unlimited Potential, whether you come for my coaching or not. Call or email me when you're finished reading the booklet and we can move onto phase 2.

Phase 2 - >> Call to Book - Intro session or Personal Breakthrough Program
You may wish to come meet me before you start your coaching sessions. Some people like to book and start straight away others like to come in for a brief introduction. You're very welcome to come in for a Free intro session.

Phase 3 - Scheduling Your Coaching Sessions
Now that you are at phase 3, you are ready to schedule our sessions together. I will first require you to complete my client disclosure, commitment agreements and debit order or proof of payment. We will then set up the times and be ready to start.


� All sessions are one-on-one.
� My coaching program is designed to equip you and give you a boost in creating the life of your dreams.
� Our sessions will take place at my office in Green Point. (Map)
� I prefer working during office hours as it gives me time on the weekends to be with family and friends. I have on occasion worked after hours due to clients constraints.


  • Quantum NLP Coaching Program Pre-Study Booklet (Download my ebook by filling out the form on the right)


>> Contact me if you are ready to make the changes needed to Empower yourself to Create the life of your dreams.

Phase 4 - >> Ongoing Coaching sessions

>> Ongoing Coaching sessions are only available to clients how have already completed my Quantum NLP Coaching Program.




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