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Take control of your Stress Levels

How can you easily find relief from the symptoms of stress without taking medication? Many systems of controlling stress leave us in a space of not really knowing if it's really working or not.

Using a biofeedback device such as the StressEraser we can easily and immediately see if we are engaging the relaxation response effectively enough to have a beneficial effect on our stress levels. the StressEraser

What is the StressEraser?

The StressEraser is a Class II (510(k) exempt) FDA-regulated medical device marketed for the purposes of stress reduction, relaxation, and relaxation training. It is an over-the-counter, non-invasive biofeedback device.
The StressEraser measures real-time pulse-by-pulse activity via an infrared finger sensor.

How does the StressEraser work?
The StressEraser finger sensor has a built-in pulse detector to identify every pulse the moment it occurs. Each time a new pulse occurs, the device calculates a new pulse rate based upon the amount of time that has elapsed between the last two pulses (Heart Rate Variability).

This creates a wavelike pattern on the screen that shows the natural fluctuations in hart rate. This is called Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia (RSA). RSA provides a window into the parasympathetic nervous system.
Using guided RSA biofeedback, users learn to activate their parasympathetic nervous system
through proper respiration and cognitive focus.

What makes the StressEraser different? - The StressEraser's patent-pending algorithm gives users feedback on each individual RSA wave in real time. It delineates the beginning and ending point of each individual wave and computes the frequency of that individual wave. This allows it to detect any "breaks" in the wave. Therefore, if a user is thinking an emotionally charged thought, is highly distracted, or is straining his nervous system through incorrect breathing, the StressEraser detects it through this measurement the moment it occurs and offers immediate feedback (see screen below). Frequency analysis and other measurements do not detect these breaks in the waves as they generalize overall sympathetic/parasympathetic activity over time.
Point Program - Users receive points for long smooth waves. This is achieved through proper breathing and cognitive focus. A point-based system gives users a concrete goal that has been shown to promote behavior change. The ultimate goal is to condition the body to become less reactive to stressful events and to help the body recuperate from stress by using the program every day.

History Function - The StressEraser has a history function that stores up to 999 sessions. The device can be reset to 0 after session 999. The device allows healthcare practitioners to objectively track relaxation homework adherence.
How do users learn to use the StressEraser?
They will learn to use their unique breathing patterns and cognitive focus to relax their minds and bodies. To do this, they will synchronize their exhale with the triangles. Squares provide biofeedback that let them know when they are breathing in sync with their nervous system.

How long should they use it?
Helicor recommends at least 30 points per session (about 5-7 minutes) for rapid temporary relief they can feel, and at least 100 points per day to achieve a lasting therapeutic benefit.

What are some other features of the StressEraser?
Timer - You can set a time limit for each session.
Sound - You can use sound to guide you with your eyes closed.
Light - You can illuminate the screen for use in the dark.
Menu - You can set personal screen and session preferences.

Here is a report on stress and how to manage it; it is taken from the manufacturers of the Stress Eraser.
>> 7 Stress Relief Secrets (Pdf, 458 Kb)

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