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In NLP Quantum is the term used where logic ends and a matrix of infinite possibilities occur.

Niels Bohr, a physicist, was the first to apply quantum theory. He did an experiment of observing atoms that shook the very foundations of science and philosophy. What he discovered is that there has never been an unobserved atom, and what's more is that you only see the end result of one, which has been proved to react to the observer.

This means that if the observer always has an effect on what is being observed, then our observations about life actually change our life, then what we perceive is what we are creating as well. Then all problems are observations, meaning all problems have been observed into reality.

(In Bohrs experiement he measured light being a particle or a wave. He found that the light would either act as a particle OR as a wave depending on his experiment!)

In the movie "The Secret", it shows the secret as a set of built around NLP and quantum thinking. The foundation is that your thinking creates your results. The movie mentions the Law of Attraction, which basically states that like attracts like. Everything is energy and different energy vibrates as different frequencies. Energies of the same frequency will attract each other. Our thoughts are the most potent and subtle form of energy that we know, which leads us to understand that thoughts of a certain vibration or frequency will attract its external equivalent.

I'm certainly not advocating the movie "The Secret"; what I am saying is that although the idea behind the movie is pretty basic and leaves out many things; it does have some truth behind it. The only thing they've failed to explain is the "How exactly do we control our thoughts so that we can create changes in our external world" bit.

A better movie to watch, if you are interested in that kind of learning is "What the Bleep", this movie goes into far more depth about quantum theory and is explained in a far easier and fun way than I ever could.

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